Friday, June 14, 2013

Clearwater Festival

Summer is a great time to visit music festivals and community events in the region. This weekend a huge and famous festival is happening in Croton-on-Hudson, the Clearwater's Great Hudson River Revival.  Music, art, food and information about the river frame this two day extravaganza. The Clearwater is a ship built by Pete Seeger to bring the plight of the Hudson River to bare on those who would more inclined to witness a gorgeous sloop on her waves than listen to the chest pounding anger of an environmental activist. Poetry over politics. More about the history of the ship and the organization here.

The Clearwater sloop sailing on the Hudson River.
I am foraying into regional craft shows this summer, part of my local economic and community building efforts. This event is my kick off. Its been hectic in the studio, we have been busy making lots of new things for this kind of venue. There will be more images in the coming days. Meanwhile, come see us if you are at the festival and stay tuned for more information about other fairs.