Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Valentine's and a New Platter

In February I get more deeply obsessed with hearts than usual. This year I have carved out a little heart shape with dots to impress into some small oval dishes. These make great soap dishes or ring dishes. A little gifty for your sweetheart. There are a few left in Etsy shop and they ship within 24 hours.

Last week I went to Sketch in Hudson to make some more Valentines with friends. Funny thing, I get nervous making art with other people. Even silly little things like greeting cards. I guess I prefer to make things in private.

That said, I do like to participate in creative acts of conviviality. Getting together with friends turns me on. Preferably over a meal.

A friend of mine stopped by over the weekend and picked up a platter she had purchased at one of my open studios. Her hubby George Gruel took this photo of it installed on her dining room table. I love getting in situ shots.

Thanks for stopping by!